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Mons. Adolfo Rodríguez


What is 'Proyecto HAMAR"?
A home for the destitute elderly in Camagüey, Cuba; a dream come true for those who desperately need to improve their difficult living conditions. The HAMAR project assistance group (Hogar de Ancianos Monseñor Adolfo Rodriguez) was formed by a small number of Catholic Cubans in Miami, Florida --most of us originally from Camagüey-- to raise funds to finish building the home. Now that it has been inaugurated, we need your help to maintain it!

Who is Monsignor Adolfo?
Monsignor Adolfo Rodriguez Herrera, who died in 2003, was the first Archbishop of Camagüey. He was a very holy man --now in the process of Beatification-- and beloved by the people of Camagüey. He had a dream: to create a home for those elderly in Camagüey, who lack suitable shelter and care, and to do so in tribute to Our Lady of Charity, patroness of Cuba.  With the faith "of a mustard seed", and full trust in God's providence, he believed his dream would come true.

What does the project consist of?
A unique three-story building, with elevators and emergency electric generator. The first floor houses the administrative offices, dining room, kitchen, nurses’ station, laboratory, pharmacy, physiotherapy department, and storage room. In the second floor, a library, and the male residents’ bedrooms and bathrooms. The third floor houses the female residents and the cloister for the Sisters of St. Camillus de Lellis, who care for the ancianitos. There is also an exterior recreational area, with fruit trees and a vegetable garden for the consumption of the residents. A chapel will serve the residents, the sisters, and the people of the nearby Saratoga neighborhood.

When and how did the project start?
Construction began in 2006, on a parcel of land belonging to the church since the 1940's. It started off with the support of the Vatican, the free labor of the Catholic faithful in Camagüey, and generous donations by various communities in Spain. In 2013, seeing that additional financial assistance was needed to complete the project, the HAMAR group raised funds through church collections, letters and calls to charitable foundations and prospective donors in Miami and other U.S. communities. Thanks to those efforts and contributions, the Catholic Church in Camagüey was finally able to open the home and welcome the elderly people who so badly needed shelter, physical and spiritual sustenance, and loving care. 

What is needed now?
Donations are needed to support the elderly residents and help maintain the home. We are asking for monthly commitments of $10, $20, $30, $50 or more, which are made easy and secure through PayPal, and can be stopped whenever needed. Please go to our COMO DONAR page and click on DONATE! The funds collected by the non-profit Camagüeyanos Católicos, Inc. will go directly to the Catholic Church in Cuba and solely to this project. Let's be, like Monsignor Adolfo said, "a light in the darkness".